Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's a change for the better - Buds Baby...

A big round of applause to Buds Baby. Over the years, Buds Baby has been striving hard to achieve its commitment to being organic. And Buds Baby has indeed kept its promises. First, Buds Natural, then Buds Everyday Organics and now Buds Cherished Organics.

Can't seem to figure out what are the differences between Buds Baby's product differentiation?

Let's take a quick glimpse at their respective ingredient components:
Main Ingredient
Typical High Street Brand : Water
Buds Natural : Water
Buds Organics : Water + Organic Aloe Vera
Buds Cherished Organics : Organic Aloe Vera

Typical High Street Brand : Mineral Oil
Buds Natural : Vegetable Oils + Natural Active
Buds Organics : Organic Base Oils + Organic Actives
Buds Cherished Organics : Organic Base Oils + Organic Actives

Typical High Street Brand : PEG Emulsifiers
Buds Natural : Plant Emulsifiers
Buds Organics : Plant Emulsifiers
Buds Cherished Organics : Plant Emulsifiers

Typical High Street Brand : Perfume and Fragrances
Buds Natural : Essential Oils
Buds Organics : Organic Essential Oils
Buds Cherished Organics : Organic Essential Oils

Typical High Street Brand : Parabens
Buds Natural : Safe Preservatives
Buds Organics : Safe Preservatives
Buds Cherished Organics : Preservative Free!

Organic Content
Typical High Street Brand : Nil
Buds Natural : Organic content not declared to avoid confusion as Buds Natural not certified organics
Buds Organics : Minimum 20% Organic to meet European standard
Buds Cherished Organics : 82% - 99.9% Organic

Given its genuine commitment being organic, Buds Baby has chosen to be certified by EOCERT. Why ECOCERT? ECOCERT requires that 95% of plant the ingredients must be of certified organic origin. Extremely strict restrictions? Well, Buds Baby has achieved it.And oh! Buds Baby products are earth friendly ie packaging are recyclable and products are biodegradable! Safe for your baby, and safe for the environment too! Well done! That's why Little Green Buddies include Buds Baby Cherished Organics in one of our organic goodies!

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