Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Heavenly Scented Sun Safe Protection in a Flip-Top Tube

We have discovered this really great California Baby's Everyday/Year-Round SPF 30+ Sunscreen Lotion which is now available at our online store LittleGreenBuddies.com. Her formulas are light and elegant, with beautiful aromatherapy delicate scents. Made with organic and sustainably grown ingredients, it provides high-level protection to your little ones' skins against sunburn. Its water resistant formula retains effectiveness after 80 minutes of activity in water or perspiring. With this water resistent gentle formula, it is guaranteed that it won't drip into your kids' eyes and sting when your kids sweat!

Moms, our fabulous find works great under make-up because it is non-greasy and gives really nice 'cover-up' base under foundation or powder! Teenagers with open pores, oily or acne skin, you will definitely love this gorgeous non-chemical sunscreen lotion! A must have organic goody for everyone!!

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